Rise of the Runelords

The Town of Sandpoint Needs You!

Welcome to the Swallowtail Festival

Come one come all to the Swallowtail Festival! After the Late Unpleasantness it is high time the town of Sandpoint had a return to normalcy and a healthy end to the long and arduous recovery process! Today we celebrate the hallowing of this ground as our new church’s construction is finally complete! Please, enjoy today’s festivities and the generous offerings of our local businesses!

Character Creation Guidelines

characters in this game were created using the following guidelines

  • Characters begin the game at level 1
  • All Paizo Classes are Allowed
  • All Core Races are allowed, others may be allowed with approval
  • Stats are generated using 35 points and assigned where desired
  • Characters start with maximum gold according to their class
  • Characters gain full HP at each level
  • Characters are not subject to the rules of encumbrance (with GM oversight)


Jason_R Jason_R

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