Abstalar Zantus

Graceful town priest


Father Zantus is a tall and graceful man brimming with youth and vigor. Despite being almost 40 years old he has a full head of hair and a vibrant disposition. While within the confines of Sandpoint’s large chapel he is always wearing his ceremonial robes that signify his faith in Desna. Though he mostly keeps to the chapel, he is sometimes seen about town in vibrant colors and short shorts.


Father Zantus as he is affectionately known to his ‘flock’ is a central figure in the town of Sandpoint. He inherited the position as head priest when the last father was burned alive in the fire that consumed the last church. As the leader of the effort that re-built the town’s place of worship everyone agreed that he was the natural choice. Father Zantus is an accomplished student with a pleasant disposition. He worships Desna personally, but his goal was to accommodate the entire population of Sandpoint so he has made efforts to show this. He is always interested in learning about other faiths.

Abstalar Zantus

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