Aldern Foxglove

Sandpoint's noble layabout


A tall and handsome man clad in lavish and fashionable clothes holds a longbow in shaking hands. He has shoulder-length golden blond hair with a narrow face that tapers into a cropped goatee. Aldern has brown eyes and will never be caught in public without his father’s grey hat.


Born into a dubious circumstance Aldern’s first memory was being rescued from the second story of his father’s manor as it burned to ash beneath him. Both he and his sister were shipped around the continent to various orphanages and unsavory folks who were after his father’s money before his aunt and uncle adopted him and returned him to some semblance of stability. He doesn’t talk about it much now.

He has been spending a great deal of time in Sandpoint over the past months, attending the local festivities as well as some of the other town events. He even lent a hand in the rebuilding of the Sandpoint Chapel after the Late Unpleasantness. The town has grown more fond of him with each passing month and now all of the residents know him by name.

Aldern Foxglove

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