Cyrdak Drokkus

Sandpoint's own showman


Despite being an accomplished illusionist and performer, Cyrdak has never thought it necessary to hide his aging body. His cheeks are a little sunken in and he has lines on his forehead from years of stretching his face this way and that. As long as he has been in Sandpoint his facial hair has never grown beyond 5 o’clock shadow. Cyrdak usually wears clothing that allows for movement and his favorite black cape.


Cyrdak is the owner of the Sandpoint Theatre, a massive playhouse that he financed entirely by himself. Known to many, the Sandpoint Theatre is one of the most impressive theatres on this side of Varisia and easily competes with many of the “big-city” theatres, a fact that Cyrdak takes great pride in given the circumstances of his emigration from Magnimar. When he moved from Magnimar to Sandpoint to be with his husband rumors abounded for a while but as with all rumors eventually they died off.

Cyrdak Drokkus

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