Ethram Valdemar

Head of sandpoint's oldest family


Ethram Valdemar is an elderly man with snow-white hair and a big bushy beard. He is just over five feet tall with a large gut and chubby features. Ethram has only a few outfits despite his prodigious bank account and he often wears the same clothes for days at a time, magically cleaning them before going about his business. His favorite outfit is one made by the local Vinders.


Opposite of the Scarnetti Nobility lies the house of Valdemar and its head Ethram. The Valdemar house controls the shipbuilding and fishing industries for Sandpoint. In addition it holds the honor of being Sandpoint’s oldest noble family. Given their storied lineage and their overflowing pocketbooks one might expect them to flaunt it more but most travelers and out-of-towners can’t tell them apart from the common folk in the streets. Ethram has worked most of his long life towards the pursuit of furthering his family’s fortune, clinging to the principles of hard work and benevolence towards others that his father raised him by.

Ethram Valdemar

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