Jargie Quinn

Garrulous old tavern keeper


Tall and lanky with a wooden peg leg, Jargie Quinn wears an eclectic mix of whatever will fit his odd proportions. More interested in a story than anything else he has accepted articles of clothing from several customers instead of money for their drinking indulgences and he wears them proudly, though he has a bad habit of inserting himself into the tales that he has heard from his patrons.


The owner of one of Sandpoint’s most popular taverns Jargie Quinn is well known by locals and travelers alike. The tavern gets its name and reputation from the Hagfish that Jargie keeps in a large tank behind the bar. Not because of the beauty of the fish or its exotic nature, because Hagfish aren’t particularly scarce in the region. It gets its name from the Challenge that Jargie extends to any willing participant, one pint from Norah’s tank and you take home all the money in the leather pouch that hangs next to the tank, oh and free drinks for life. Till now there hasn’t been anyone who has survived the challenge and returned to take advantage of the offer.

Jargie Quinn

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