Kendra Deverin

Mayor of the lonely town of Sandpoint


Young and beautiful, Kendra has her best years ahead of her. She a few inches short of six feet tall with striking green eyes and beautiful golden hair. Her favorite lipstick is a strong red color popular in Magnimar that she got from Cyrdak. Kendra wears seasonal clothing that suits her and other than her lipstick she only wears clothing and jewelry made in her hometown of Sandpoint.


Initially Kendra didn’t even want the job of mayor. Given the unfortunate accidents that had befallen her father and grandfather, who had both run the town for the majority of their lives, who could blame her? Kendra’s attitude changed when her close friend Casp Avertin nominated her for candidacy publicly where she reluctantly accepted. The town’s favor towards her family did the rest and soon she was in office. For some time Kendra and Casp pursued a romance but his untimely death changed Kendra and she has since given up romance in favor of politics.

Kendra Deverin

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