Lisette "Hemlock" Viskalai

Quick and deadly, she's the local sheriff


Lisette has lighter skin than most other Shoanti, though its still dark enough to look like she has spent a good amount of her days out in the sun. She wears simple clothing preferring primary colors of which blue is her favorite. Characterized as Sheriff Hemlock, Lisette is never caught without her trusty rifle at her back and her pair of pistols on her hips.


The town garrison is currently under the watchful eye of Lisette Viskalai, or Sheriff Hemlock to the locals. She is a capable Shoanti woman who inherited the post of sheriff when the previous holder, Casp Avertin was murdered by Chopper. Lisette saw the town through that last terrible night and is generally held to be the woman who stopped Chopper’s rampage. In the emergency election that followed a week later, the people of Sandpoint made her role official and Lisette became the first Shoanti sheriff of Sandpoint. Honored and eager to live up to Casp’s legacy, Lisette adopted the last name Hemlock, which is the Chelish translation of Viskalai. This has endeared her to Sandpoint’s mostly Chelish population.

Lisette "Hemlock" Viskalai

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