Shalelu Andosanna

Survivalist, bounty hunter, and mercenary


Shalelu, pronounced Sha-Lee-Loo, is just under six feet tall with pale blue eyes and fair skin that belies her trade as a mercenary and woodsman. She has blonde hair that is often kept up and out of the way and she prefers practical clothing over the gaudy affairs common in civilized regions of the country.


Although Shalelu Andosana is something of a mystery to the residents of Sandpoint, she’s certainly one of the town’s most admired defenders. She doesn’t actually live in town, but she sometimes spends the night at the Rusty Dragon free of charge, thanks to her long friendship with Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Everyone in town knows that Shalelu is something of a loner and prefers to spend her time wandering in and exploring the wilderness around Sandpoint. She periodically vanishes from the region for weeks or even months at a time to visit friends elsewhere in Varisia (particularly, it’s said, near Hook Mountain or up north near the elven village of Crying Leaf ), but she never fails to return to Sandpoint. No one quite understands why she keeps coming back. When asked why, she merely says, “Someone’s got to keep an eye on you all.”

Shalelu Andosanna

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