Titus Scarnetti

Worried heir to the noble Scarnetti line


Although he is only about 25 years old, Titus easily looks 5 or 10 years older from his receding hairline and the worry-lines that cover his brow. What little hair is left is kept trimmed and combed. Titus usually wears fashionable clothing, popular in the bigger cities like Magnimar, though most of his clothing is durable enough to survive work in his lumber mills.


A member of Sandpoint’s most notorious, though they would say notable, noble families. The town commoners refuse to forget his father’s assault on the town more than 40 years ago, despite his father being dead for 20.Titus is the only surviving son of his late father and heir to their fortune. The Scarnetti family controls Sandpoint’s mills and lumber industry which he leverages against the other nobility to remain in power. Not that the Scarnetti abuse this power, but the fact that it holds so much influence over Sandpoint’s market isn’t lost on anybody in town.

Titus Scarnetti

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