Ven Vinder

Fast and friendly is the motto of this general store owner


Ven Vinder is a middle aged balding man with short rough hair like a winter wolf. He is built like an orc: tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He favors simple clothing including a rugged leather vest with metal plates sewn into its shoulders and a belt featuring the insignia of his former military unit. Despite his bulk Ven has a sunny disposition that can only be dampened by threatening that which he loves.


The Sandpoint General Store is owned and operated by Ven Vinder and his family. It was the very first store opened in Sandpoint and although the Vinder’s bought it from someone else they take great pride in their work and keep the store well-stocked at all times with a little bit of everything you might expect and a few things that you would never expect. Ven himself is a prideful man with great enthusiasm for Sandpoint and its future. Those who help the town often find him hanging around.

Ven Vinder

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